Debbie Gilbert

“Focus on true quality of effort, movement and form and the body will respond beautifully!


Elite Instructor

Hometown:   I was born in Philadelphia, grew up in Los Angeles, lived in Toronto, but I’ve loved being here for over 15 years so this beautiful city feels like my hometown!

College attended and degree earned: York University, Toronto & University of Western Ontario, Canada, B.A. in Sociology

Years taking Pilates: since 2002

Trained by: Katrina Foe and Kellee Stooks, through Balanced Body

Other related certifications/credentials: Pilates Method Alliance certified

Continuing Education: Functional Pilates Choreography Workshop/ Jump Workshop/ The Fine Spine Workshop with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt, Pilates Arc workshop, Pilates on Tour Phoenix 2012

Hobbies:  Gardening, reading, baking, creative projects, spending time with my husband, kids and our dogs

Children:  Three fabulous kids – 2 boys and 1 girl

Philosophy statement: Focus on true quality of effort, movement and form and the body will respond beautifully!

Favorite Pilates exercise and why: The Roll Over in any form – working the whole body while stretching the spine – love it!

How Pilates helped me: Pilates taught me to focus and truly understand the connection between my mind and my body.  I had problems with my knees and my back for years and they are now strong and the pain is gone. Pilates is the first type of exercise I have ever enjoyed doing regularly and it continues to challenge and motivate me – plus I feel great!

Why I enjoy teaching Pilates: I love Pilates and truly enjoy sharing the passion and helping someone learn what their body is capable of doing.  Sharing the improvement and making a positive difference in someone’s everyday life is a fabulous privilege!

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