Larry Foe

“Pilates is a lifestyle, a choice to be fully connected!”


"I have been taking Pilates classes at this wonderful studio, Personalized Pilates for 8 years. I come and go from Canada and each time that I return, I am so welcomed and feel right at home.

The instructors are so well trained, qualified and friendly.
The classes, whether group or private all provide individual attention.
The equipment and facility make each session, new and challenging.
The management (Larry) has been more than helpful and accommodating to me all of these years.


Loretta D.

Owner & Elite Instructor

Hometown:  Dewittville, New York (Chautauqua Lake Area)

College attended and degree earned:  Bachelor of Arts in History from University of Arizona

Years teaching Pilates:  since 2009

Years taking Pilates:  since 2001

Trained by:  Katrina Foe through Balanced Body

Continuing Education: Pilates on Tour Rehab Summit 2010 & 2011, Pilates Method Alliance 2011

Hobbies: Family Time, Pilates, Reading, Outdoor Activities

Children: 5 girls and 2 boys – Hadleigh, Delaney, Ainsley, Whitley, Kellen, Tobin & Cassidy

Philosophy statement:  When fully embraced, Pilates is a lifestyle; a choice to be fully connected physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with your body during all of life’s daily activities, large and small.

Favorite Pilates exercise and why: Short spine.  I enjoy the elongation of my spine while stretching my hamstrings and lower back.

How Pilates helped me:  Increased flexibility, improved posture, overall strength, stress relief, better sleep, more energy.

Why I enjoy teaching Pilates:  Working with the amazing movement capabilities and intelligent design of the human body is an incredible blessing.

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